Hi! I’m Anne Gilkes. 


How would it feel to change your relationship with drinking?

Stop feeling out of control and get back to being in control

Restore your belief that you are enough without alcohol as a crutch.

You’ll feel healthier and happier, have more energy, less anxiety and sleep like a baby! Imagine what you can do when you feel like that!

Anne Gilkes – Behaviour Change Coach & NLP Practitioner


Are you feeling that something’s “not quite right” ? That the drink which you used to enjoy has become the thing that now controls what you do, and not the other way around? Perhaps it’s a habit that’s gradually grown – especially in times of stress or boredom? 

Taking a break from drinking is the first step in taking back control – over what you choose to do, and not what alcohol leads you to.

Support to Take a Break from Drinking

Not sure how to start? It starts with a simple choice – Choose Yourself! 

I’ve been on this journey myself – check out My Story.  And now my passion is to support others through the same journey. I work with you to provide support and accountability that suits you, and allows you to take back control. Ready to learn more?

Here’s how I think of the 3 stages of Discovering Sobriety:


  • You’re concerned about your drinking habits but unsure about giving up drinking altogether.
  • You try to moderate and make rules – but that voice keeps whispering its ok to keep having just one more drink…..
  • You’re considering a break from alcohol, but you’re not sure how to, or if you need support to quit drinking?
  • My First Steps Strategy Session will give you an awareness of exactly where you’re at and give you a foundation to build from.
  • Book your 75 min 1:1 session by clicking here.


  • You’re fed up you with working all day, fighting off the ‘wine witch’, then drinking anyway.
  • You’re sick of waking up wondering why you had that ‘extra’ nightcap, but still starting the cycle all over again.
  • You’re worried that life will be boring without drinking, but it’s boring doing the same old drinking thing anyway!
  • You want to feel better, have energy, less anxiety, more confidence, wake up refreshed after amazing deep sleep! 
  • You’re ready to commit to having a proper break for a few weeks to detox yourself and explore how sobriety can work for you.
  • Join The Alcohol & Mind Reset Programme – an online group programme with ladies just like you in a safe confidential space.
  • Prefer individual support? Find out how I can help you with my Discovering Sobriety 3 Month 1:1 Coaching Package.


  • You’ve achieved so much! You love the fact that you’re alcohol-free.
  • New healthier habits form, people around you notice the difference, you rediscover fun things!
  • It’s now about what you do in the future.
  • You need to get some clarity over your future, explore where you are now and where you want to be?
  • You’re ready to put your dreams into motion – you just need a plan to get you there!
  • Let’s book a Discovery Call and get the energy flowing and look at a program that will give you the boost to reach your next exciting stage of being Free. 

So which Stage do you recognise yourself as being in?

Now which Stage of getting sober do you WANT to be in?

 When you’re ready to know more, you can find out all the details of how we can work together here.

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 You can also view and contact me for Support to Stop Drinking through the ANLP Website.

Resist the Wine Witch in 15 mins

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Fed up with waking tired, miserable and regretting those ‘extra’ few drinks? Do you want to feel refreshed, raring to go and thinking clearly instead?

Then grab yourself my Free Guide “10 Steps You Can take in 15 mins to Start Changing Your Drinking Habit”.

This guide is packed full of ideas and tips to get you past ‘wine o’clock’. Just 15 minutes of distraction can be enough for you to get past the ‘wine witch’ which is why I’ve concentrated on the most effective tips you can do in this timeframe (ok, with a couple of longer ones too!). Use it to get you to the end of the evening without needing alcohol as a crutch, so you can wake up feeling the way you want to – refreshed and able to enjoy your day!

So download it to your phone, print it out and pop it on the fridge, or save as an image when you need a bit of inspiration. 

To get your copy, follow the link below – and I’ll email it to you right away! 

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Imagine freeing yourself from daily drinking!

Let’s chat  and see how I can help you move through the Discovering Sobriety Stages to get where you want to be.