Last Minute Planning for Your Sober Christmas?

Christmas has really crept up on me this year! Every year I think that I’ll be planning my Sober Christmas and New Year well in advance, and each year I suddenly realise there’s only a few weeks left!

This is my 4th Sober Christmas – sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is real! But it is, and with each year that passes, I grow more grateful for what I’ve gained from losing the drink. The freedom is always the biggest gain for me, as everything else follows when you’re able to choose what you want, rather than having the drink choose for you.

If you’re recently sober, you may be experiencing some trepidation about the whole Christmas thing. And this year is going to be completely different with the precautions we need to take around Covid. There’s going to be less mixing and big parties, however I suspect some people might look to any get togethers they do have a chance to really blow off steam! So how do you go about setting yourself up to ENJOY a Sober Christmas?

PLANNING – that’s how. Then some more planning, and finish off with a final bit of extra planning.

Top 10 Planning Tips For Your Sober Christmas

Here’s my top Planning Tips so that you can just kick back and enjoy your Sober Christmas and New Year:

1. Reward yourself  – having a Sober Christmas and New year is a big deal whether it’s your first one or you have many under your belt. So plan to really treat yourself as a reminder of just how awesome you are! My 2nd Sober Christmas – I bought a whole load of beautiful glass tree decorations. I love them! A proper reminder to myself each year of what can be achieved.

2. Buy in your own stock of awesome non-alcoholic drinks, after all, everyone else is getting in what they want. Now’s your chance to plan ahead! The supermarkets are great at having some of the most common alcohol free drinks, but for something a bit different or special, go to a local specialist, or try buying from one of the online retailers. I use for mine – and the guys there have also offered a generous 5% offer using my discount code – Discsob05 😊

3. Arrange to do some interesting or cool stuff with people you haven’t been able to meet up with in ages. How about arranging a gathering on Houseparty, Facetime, Zoom etc? Book them in now for a certain time and you’ll know that you have something fun to look forward to. Oh, and don’t forget, no-one will even know what’s in your glass! So no awkward questions about why you’re not drinking.

4. Confide in your host/ hostess if you are going to meet in a ‘bubble’. Plan ahead to make sure you take what you want to drink, hopefully your super kind hostess will also have an awesome option in for you too (now that they know!). Prepare an excuse why you’re not drinking – a challenge, health, driving (always a good one). It’s a shame we might feel the need to have an ‘excuse’ ready, because we shouldn’t have to! But I’m not going to make a fuss at this time of year, I’d rather have a harmonious time than try to stave off questions from others. 

5. And following on from the above, wherever you are, always have an exit plan. If you think you might be uncomfortable at an event but feel you just have to go to show your face, have a ‘get-out’ card up your sleeve. Need to pick someone up/  babysitter needs to go? Have an early start the next day? It might not even be that much of a white lie! If you can leave when you still feel good, it will be a better memory and experience. Don’t be pushed into staying late just to satisfy others. A lovely tip I remember reading ages ago was to have clean sheets on your bed ready for when you get in (great plan!). Who doesn’t love crawling into a clean bed! What a reward!

6. Honour yourself by reserving some peaceful quiet moments for yourself. Like the hour before anyone else gets up? With no hangover to worry about, chances are that you’ll be first downstairs (unless of course you have small children…). I really value these times. Savour your coffee, cuddle your dog/ cat/ rabbit, read, plan, scroll (yeah, I know, but we all do it!), watch TV etc. Have you noticed just how much better coffee is without the hangover? Pure bliss……

7. Know that there will be times when you’ll need to practice ‘Patience and Acceptance’, and allow for this in advance. It’s Christmas, and around us there will be some friends and family letting their hair down. As long as we can move away from this when we need to, I think that being able to accept that, for some, this is what they do at Christmas or New Year, will perhaps provide more enjoyment in the long run. Let’s face it, we’re sober because we made that choice. Not everyone needs to. And even if some do need to take a look at their own consumption, telling them at a party when they’re in full swing will give you nothing but arguments and heartache. So accept for now. Have patience when they’re a bit worse for wear, we were once that person. Move away, leave, go for a walk, but avoid confrontations if you can. 

8. Sober or not sober, we all need to plan things out to make them happen. Like the cooking order for the Christmas dinner, present ideas, shopping list. If you’re a visual person, I’ve discovered a wonderful app called ‘Trello’ – it’s free, gorgeous and amazing at helping you to organise things. Great for planning. Have a look and let me know if you love it as much as I’ve come to!

9. Book in some days to get outside, especially between Christmas and New Year. Being in nature gives you a  natural high. So this is a definite planning event for me. Get out there. Breathe. Walk through the local park, go into the countryside if you’re near enough. The sea – what more can I say. Getting away from technology and the busy lives we normally lead can give you a real boost. Get soaked if its raining and use it as an excuse to drink hot chocolate! Seriously though, staying indoors can make anyone go nuts!

10. And beyond your Sober Christmas and New Year? Start goal planning for next year. I know that many say not to bother with New Year Resolutions, but looking to the future and having a plan is awesome! It doesn’t have to be massive – it might be planning a holiday, a trip to see old friends, a list of bands you want to see (once we’re allows to….).  Dreaming big and visualise the future, the more real you see it, the more achievable it becomes.

As usual, my last minute planning means I ought to post this now before it’s too late for you to read! I hope that the above helps to plan yourself a very merry, sorted and peaceful Sober Christmas and New Year!

Happy Christmas!

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