Back when I was drinking I’d always tell myself that Alcohol was ‘a treat’. But have you ever stood back and thought about this for a minute? What’s the definition a ‘treat’?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a treat is ‘something very pleasant and enjoyable’.

And what about trick? Their definition of a trick is ‘something that confuses you so that you see, understand, remember, etc. things in the wrong way’.

Hmmm, well, that sounds interesting! So with these definitions in mind, let’s play Alcohol: ‘Trick or Treat’ with the following common scenarios to see what you think!:

  • It’s been a hard day. Often we look forward to going home, or having the kids in bed, because that’s the time that we deserve a reward for all that hard work! So the first glass is a treat, the second one equally deserved, then follows another, perhaps one more for a night cap……? Alcohol has a way of hooking some people into one more, and just one more.  Hmm, it doesn’t feel like it was such a treat the next morning.


  • So tired. Just a night cap to help you nod off. After all, it can be hard going to sleep sober, right? One, maybe two, three… Yes, you fall asleep quickly, or to put it more realistically, the alcohol makes you pass out. And because Alcohol is a stimulant, it wakes you up at 3am, 4am. So much for the promised sleep! 


  • Sometimes your emotions weigh you down a bit, and you want to lift your spirits. So you lift a different type of spirit, thinking “This’ll cheer me up”! The thing is, the more you drink, the more morose you get. In fact you’re crying, dissolving into floods of tears. You can’t see the wood for the trees, can’t think straight, everything is becoming numb, and still you cry. (I used to avoid gin because it always had this effect on me.)


  • It’s great to be out with friends, so rare these days.  And being a special occasion, there might be a thought to splash out on a few drinks. Because being out with people – it’s a treat! Alcohol has a reputation for loosening people up, making them more fun. But, as one turns to more than a few, Alcohol reduces people’s inhibitions. How does this work out? A bit loud? A bit rude? ‘Party animal’? Waking up wondering what was said the night before, embarrassing half memories.…


  • Which leads nicely on to memories. Have you ever looked forward to a party, an event, a gig or festival, only to drink your way through it and remember nothing afterwards?  No recollection of what it was like? (this is a big one for me). Alcohol affects your  memory – short term and also, there really is such a thing as alcohol-related dementia. This I personally found really scary – more scary than any ghosts, witches or spiders!

So how’ve you answered these? What have you decided – ‘Trick’ or ‘Treat’? Do you see a pattern?

If alcohol is beginning to look a bit more like a trick rather than a treat for you, how about taking a break for a week or even a month or more? Loose the tricks and see what the real treats are without alcohol!

I would love to work with you through Coaching and NLP techniques to help you make better choices in your relationship with alcohol. So that you get free to choose who you want to be, and do more of the things that you really want to do.

If any of the above gets you thinking that maybe it’s time to rethink your current habits, then drop me a message now or email me at to set up a free discovery call over a virtual cuppa! ☕