Celebrating without Alcohol can be a tricky time

It’s the England Final in a few days’ time which has got me a little on edge. Why? Because I used to find celebrating without alcohol a bit tricky. Previously, when going along to big events or celebrations in the past, such events were always about drinking too much and I’d get sucked into them from the start. It became that the events were actually more about how much I could drink, rather than the wedding, the party, the sport or the festival… And inevitably it would end in tears, quite literally!

And love it or hate it, there’s going to be a big event this Sunday! Whether you’re a fan or not, the fact that England are in the Euro Finals this year is huge. And for a lot of people, that means having the beer flowing. But you don’t have to get totally drunk to celebrate!

Celebrating without Alcohol is fun!

Of course I want to celebrate too! And what I’ve learnt over the past 3+ years is that I can do celebration without alcohol. I can have a brilliant time with no hangovers and no worried thoughts the next day about what I might have done. Best of all, I can actually remember what happened!

But it wasn’t always as easy as I find it today, which is why I wanted to share my favourite tips with you today. Particularly, right now as you may be wondering what to do about drinking and celebrating around the big match!

And looking further ahead, you can apply all of these tips equally well to any wedding or other big event, to help you enjoy your celebration without drinking too much.

My favourite tips for enjoying a Celebration without drinking

Planning Ahead is the key!

I love having something special to drink for a celebration to hand too. If you want to have some special drinks, now’s the time to get some sorted. I’ve noticed some supermarkets are quite low on stock of many popular non-alcoholic drinks at the moment, so I’ve just put my order in today to an Alcohol Free Drinks Specialist. I use @wisebartender (they’re based in the SW and that makes them local which I like). They also very kindly gave me my own discount code for 5% off – DISCSOB05 – you can use this too. Tip: look for the small writing on the website in your order to add the code!

Got your drinks sorted? Remember to take them with you in your stealth bag! You might be in a pub which has great choices of alcohol-free drinks, and you might not be. The same goes if you’re at someone’s house. But if you have your secret stash with you, whether you use it up or not, you’ll never be caught short. Just remember that cans are easier to open than bottles unless you have an opener with you!

Who are you Celebrating with?

Being conscious of who you’re with and why, and really celebrating the occasion and the people gives you a fabulous warm feeling. After all, it’s the occasion and the people that you’re there for. Feel how much nicer the experience is when you keep this thought close to your heart. Look at what’s going on around you, who else is caring and sharing their warmth? What are the people in the spotlight of the event feeling?

Also make sure that you’re with the right people – not the ones who you know are going to egg you on to drink when you don’t want anymore or any at all! Plan in advance what you’ll say if you find yourself in this situation. For example, “I can’t I’m driving tonight… I’m not feeling great… I’m in the middle of a healthy eating experiment…  Mind your own business..!” If you find yourself stuck with these sorts of friends, then consider moving to another set. Read tips about how to set sober socialising boundaries here. Look after yourself first so that you can keep celebrating in a good space.

In fact, confiding in a close friend who will be celebrating alongside of you that you’re not drinking or don’t want to drink too much can be a big confidence boost. So who can have your back at the event?

Most people won’t actually notice or care whether you drink or not to be honest. And there are likely to be more people than you realise around you not drinking or drinking only a small amount too! You just never noticed them before! Strike up a conversation!

Enjoy the Food!

Food was never big on my list back when I was drinking. In fact I used to avoid it just so I could drink more..

But now it most certainly is up there to enjoy and make the most of. Celebrations are awesome when it comes to getting fabulous meals, canopies, snacks, desserts (yum!). And when you’re not drinking you can take advantage that you have a spare calorie allowance to play with too!

Stick to Your Exit Plan

Have an exit plan and stick to it! Remember that it’s not compulsory to stay for a lock-in at your local! And you certainly don’t have to be the last person in the kitchen at the party. If you feel yourself beginning to wobble on this, play the movie forward to the next day. What will you feel like physically tomorrow? How are you going to feel in your mind if you get carried away with your drinking? What will you say to yourself, and what might others notice too?

Stick to your exit plan – you can drive, run away or slip away quietly.

Of course, leaving might come quite easily this Sunday if England don’t do quite as well as everyone is hoping on the night..! So whatever the outcome of Sunday’s match final, enjoy it!

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First steps to change your drinking habits

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