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Hi! I’m Anne aka @thealcoholdodger!

This is my personal blog where I offer you insights and musings from my sober journey

Today’s society seems to push alcohol at us from every direction – Mummy’s wine/gin o’clock, Prosecco with every celebration, a drink as a reward after work…  I’ve even seen Yoga advertised with wine! So I’m putting my story out there to help end the stigma around those who fall into the trap of drinking too much, and then struggle to get out of it – you can read about my wake-up call here. 

 Getting sober is the best lifestyle choice I ever made – and you can give yourself this choice too. There’s a button below to drop me an email to arrange a chat to see how I can help you – 20 mins over a (virtual!) cup of tea.  I promise I’m not scary!

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