Is Alcohol hiding the real you? 

I took the dog out for a walk in the early evening this week, and there was a beautiful crescent moon climbing above the trees. It was one of those moons where you see the crescent shining, but you can also sense and just about see the bit hiding in the shadow too.  It gives a depth to the moon, solidifies and increases its presence. 

What if that new moon is like the true part of yourself that you allow to shine out? Do you show a slither – like cupid’s bow? A full half, maybe three-quarters? What’s the shadow that’s taking the shine out of your life? Is alcohol hiding the real you?

It’s easy to allow ourselves to hide away in the shadows, and in fact to create shadows of our own making. We might do this as a way to cope with our worries and insecurities, perhaps in social situations where we feel a bit awkward. One of the coping mechanisms I used to have was through drink. I thought that drinking would make me more sociable, fit in with those around me. That it would let me be more relaxed and able to communicate better. But actually, I was pulling a cloud over the real part of myself. So instead of fitting in, alcohol just dimmed the light of who I really was, and never let shine the light I was proud of! 

Ok, a lot of metaphors there! But think about who you are when you drink – notice if the shine of the real you is taken away when you drink? Do you become louder and more animated, like a cartoon version of yourself? Or do you start to become less able to feel, less sensitive and numb to people around you, to how you interact? 

Are you showing up as the best version of yourself that you’re proud of? The engaging person that you know you can and want to be? 

Becoming aware and Finding Your True Self

  • Firstly, you need to become aware of who you really are. “Of course I know who I am!” I hear you say!  Do you though? How often have you reflected on what’s really important to you – now and in the longer term? What do you value most dearly? Now ask yourself whether alcohol gets in the way of what you hold important.
  • Secondly, you need to get real about wanting to show up as you.  Perhaps you think more creatively than some of your friends or family, have different priorities or interests? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  It’s incredibly easy to hide away. We might perceive that our real selves could bring criticism – but how do you know? This is often more imagined than is likely to happen. So ask yourself, what’s stopping you from wanting to show your true self?
  •  Thirdly, and this is the hard one, ask yourself what you’re using to cover up that shining part of you up? Is alcohol  hiding the real you? Is it something else? Perhaps it’s a mask over your emotions, or a deeper feeling that you can’t put in to words? Your inner subconscious is the part of your mind that works to keep you safe, secure and away from anything ‘uncomfortable’. Unfortunately, it mistakenly thinks that covering things up is an acceptable way to fix things, because it only thinks short term. So it will reach for the whatever cover up method it knows will do the trick of stopping you getting into an uncomfortable situation – hence the alcohol strategy or other methods it’s found.

Beginning to Shine

If you’re stuck on the third part, there are strategies and tools that you can use to work with the subconscious to become fully aware and to shift your deeper mindset. To allow you to begin revealing more of your inner light. 

As a starting point, try this: talk to your inner voice – out loud. Whenever you feel that the cover is being pulled over you, and you feel comfortable enough to perhaps not draw it up quite so far, try saying “it’s ok to be a little uncomfortable, this is allowing me to become the true person I want to be”. 

And if that cover is alcohol, ask yourself out loud whether the drink that you’re about to have, is what you actually want. Ask yourself and answer out loud what the outcome will be if you go ahead with that drink. Question whether it will help you shine or dim you down. The more often you do this, the more aware you will become. And from being aware, you’ll be providing yourself with the freedom to choose your response. 

This is part of the work that I do with my Clients thorough NLP, always at a pace to suit each individual. 

I would love to work with you through Coaching and NLP techniques to help you make better choices in your relationship with alcohol. So that you get free to choose who you want to be, and do more of the things that you really want to do.

If any of the above gets you thinking that maybe it’s time to rethink your current habits, then drop me a message or email me now at to set up a free discovery call over a virtual cuppa! ☕

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Beat Your Alcohol Cravings

I remember all too well how getting through the ‘wine o’clock’ hour was incredibly hard when I first stopped drinking. I’ve put together a guide to 10 Ideas to Help You Beat Alcohol Cravings. Sometimes just having something to flick through can make a difference when you’re trying to distract yourself from your internal voice!

So download it to your phone, print it out and pop it on the fridge, or save as an image when you need a bit of inspiration. I hope it’s helpful for you.

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